Chlorine Tablets - Long Term Costs

The long-term cost of using chlorine tablets consists primarily of the cost of the chlorine tablets themselves.

Chlorine tablet costs are dependent on the type of product used.  To estimate the long-term cost, it will be assumed calcium hypochlorite tablets will be purchased in a 25 pound bucket containing 50 – 3inch diameter tablets.  The bucket cost will be estimated at $60 per bucket.  Chlorine tablets are readily available at most swimming pool supply stores.

The amount of chlorine tablets needed for proper sanitizing of a particular pool will depend on on the pool size and chlorine demand.

To calculate a cost comparison between chlorine tablets and other sanitizing methods such as liquid chlorine bleach or salt/chlorine generators, a pool size of 20,000 gallons will be assumed, over a ten-year time frame.

The amount of acid, base or liquid chlorine needed is dependent on many factors and as such are not included in the cost determination of chlorine tablets in this example.

It will be assumed the pool will be filled and sanitized to a chlorine concentration of 3 ppm and a pH of 7.6.  Assuming a chlorine demand each day will reduce the chlorine concentration it will be assumed 4 – 3 inch diameter unstabilized calcium hypochlorite tablets will be used each week.

Over a one year period 208 tablets will be required.  Over a 10 year period 2080 tablets will be required.  At $60 per 50 tablets, the long-term cost of unstabilized chlorine tablets would be $2,520.

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